Signage Survey and Scheduling Service

Signage is all too often overlooked but critical to the success of any project.

Whether you are looking for a complete wayfinding solution or just a simple door sign Doorways Architectural can provide a suitable product to meet your needs.

From floor plans Doorways Architectural can specify a requirement taking into consideration the needs of those who are unfamiliar with a facility and its surroundings.

When working with clients undertaking a new build project, we can create a signage schedule working with just floor plans to provide an initial indication of the permanent signage that will be required. Being involved at the start of a project ensures consistency and a hassle free experience when undertaking a project of any size.

Site Surveys

In some instances it may be agreed that a survey of your site, building or specific area where signs are to be installed is conducted.

This may simply be to ensure the signage proposed will fit into its desired location and/or can be easily maintained once installed.

For more complex projects, such as the implementation of directional signage, a well-planned survey is essential to the success of the signage strategy if it is to have a positive impact on your site and its users.


We can advise you on how to make navigation around your building clearer for its users. When surveying existing buildings, we will identify potential wayfinding problems, such as inconsistent messages, lack of information and illegibility. When proposing solutions, we always consider the needs of people with disabilities, assisting service providers in meeting their obligations under the Equality Act 2010 and BS 8300. We also provide signage solutions for people whose first language is not English.